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Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum – March, 2015

Posted by Joy

Yesterday we had our March monthly user group gathering for Sri Lanka SharePoint User Group. We had 02 sessions lined up – Search and Branding.

Malin delivered a session around Branding and Design Manager capabilities. I delivered a session around SharePoint Search which covered configuring multiple content sources, result sources, query rules, etc…


Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference, 2014 – Singapore

Posted by Joy

I was very fortunate to take part in the 4th episode of Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference held on 25th and 26th November, 2014 in Singapore.

I was fortunate to deliver the one and only session on SharePoint Search and there was a very good no of attendees even if it was the very first session on the 2nd day. I demonstrated lot of new features of SharePoint 2013 Search including Result Sources, Query Rules, KQL, etc…

It was my pleasure being part of this great event and I am happy a lot since there were 02 other speakers from Sri Lanka.

Myself at SharePoint Conference, Singapore

My session

My demos


Article – Customizing SharePoint 2013 Search Results with Query Rules – User Intent

Posted by Joy

User Intent is a new way of customizing SharePoint 2013 Search experience.

Learn how to customize SharePoint 2013 search results with Query Rules – User Intent.


Article – Customizing SharePoint 2013 Results using Result Sources

Posted by Joy

Result Sources is a new concept in SharePoint 2013 search which allows us to customize search results.

Learn how to customize SharePoint search results using Result Sources.


Article – Enabling Continuous Crawling in SharePoint 2013 Search

Posted by Joy

Continuous Crawling is a brand-new feature in SharePoint 2013 Search. This enables us to keep our Search Index up-to-date as much as.

Learn how to enable continuous crawling in SharePoint 2013 search.


Article – Anonymous Crawl Configuration in SharePoint 2013

Posted by Joy

Configuring SharePoint Search to crawl public-facing web sites requires some additional configuration to work properly. Lean how to configure authentication for public-facing web sites using Anonymous Crawl configuration setting in SharePoint 2013


Article – SharePoint Search Capabilities Comparison

Posted by Joy

SharePoint Search has gone through number of changes in the product lifecycle and it has evolved very fast. Are you confused with what each edition of SharePoint offer with respect to Search? Learn what are the differences between SharePoint Search based on the SharePoint edition.


Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum – April, 2014

Posted by Joy

I delivered a session today in our SharePoint monthly forum. After going through all the past sessions, I decided to deliver a session on “What’s new and improved in SharePoint 2013”. I managed to run through almost all the new and improved features during my session. Areas I covered were:

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Service Applications improvements
  • Information Architecture improvements
  • Enterprise Content Management improvements
  • Web Content Management improvements
  • Social improvements
  • Search improvements
  • Business Intelligence improvements
  • Composite Solutions improvements
  • Developer Platform improvements