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Article – Tips and Tricks – reducing the SharePoint Config Log file

Posted by Joy

Today we came across with a situation where we keep getting a runtime error when we try to perform our normal day-today operations in our SharePoint 2013 based solution. It started throwing a runtime error with a error code - HRESULT: 0x80131904 and it failed to save data into the SharePoint database.

The reason was the SharePoint Configuration database LOG file has grown to 91 GB and there was not enough free space in the physical disk. Because of this, SharePoint was unable to commit database changes and there was a huge performance impact. The solution we found was:

  1. Change the recovery model for the Database from Full to Simple
  2. Shrink the database

I executed the following SQL command and it brought the database log file from 91GB to 1 MB which solved my issues.

USE [master]


USE [SharePoint_Config]

DBCC SHRINKFILE ('SharePoint_Config_Log')


Virtusa Business Analysts Forum – SharePoint for Business Analysts

Posted by Joy

Gathering requirements is always the challenging task in every SharePoint projects. Most of the projects fail and make customer unhappy for not capturing the right requirements.

Virtusa’s BA forum organized a session to discuss how best we can gather requirements for SharePoint projects and what are the best practices.

I was invited to deliver the session and I was very happy to educate them on how best we can capture requirements in SharePoint projects and what are the best practices to make customer happy at the end of the project.


Article – What’s New for SharePoint Development in Visual Studio 2012 – Part II – Streamlined SharePoint Project Templates

Posted by Joy

Learn about what’s new for SharePoint developers in Visual Studio 2012.


Article – Custom Windows PowerShell Scripts and Local Execution Policy

Posted by Joy

This article talks about the Local Execution Policy and it’s involvement when running custom Windows PowerShell scripts.