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From Concept to Reality

Posted by Joy

Totalamber Sri Lanka together with Microsoft Sri Lanka organized a workshop – “From Concept to Reality” for Small and Medium Business market to increase the awareness of Office 365, SharePoint and Azure.

I delivered a session on how to leverage SharePoint Online within the organization to move away from File Servers and how to improve the employee productivity using SharePoint Online features.


Me presenting on SharePoint Online

Me presenting on SharePoint Online


Collab365 – Boost End-user Productivity with Office 365

Posted by Joy

I delivered my 2nd session today at 05.00 AM – 06.00 AM GMT (08th October) at Collab365 on “Boost End-user Productivity with Office 365”.

Following are the topic I covered in the session:

  • O365 Emails
  • Delve
  • SharePoint Online
  • Sway
  • Video
  • Yammer

If you are interested in viewing presentation, here it is....


Collab365 – What’s new in SharePoint 2016 for Power Users

Posted by Joy

I delivered my 1st session today at 11.00 PM – 12.00 PM GMT (07th October) at Collab365 on “What’s new in SharePoint 2016 for Power Users”. It was at 4.30 AM (08th October) for me and delivering a live session at this time for the 1st time.

This is one of the few live broadcasting sessions at Collab365 and it was nice to see more than 30 attendees.

Even though I had some technical trouble sharing screen, I managed to cover many of the new and enhanced features in SharePoint 2016. Following are the topics I covered during the session:

  • SharePoint Release History and Roadmap
  • App Launcher
  • Increased upload file size
  • 5,000 items list view threshold
  • Document Library accessibility features
  • ODF support
  • Expanded support for file names and URLs
  • Sharing features
  • Durable Links
  • Access Services new features
  • Fast Site Collection creation
  • Hybrid scenarios in SharePoint 2016
    • Hybrid Sites
    • Hybrid OneDrive
    • Hybrid Search
  • Compliance features

Even though I was not able to demo all of this, I was able to explain all of them.

I’m planning to record set of short videos on how to configure and use them in future and stay connected. Smile

If you are interested in viewing presentation, here it is....

If you want to download the presentation, here is the link...

Session 1 - What's new SharePoint 2016 for Power Users


Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum – July, 2015

Posted by Joy

Yesterday we had our July monthly user group gathering for Sri Lanka SharePoint User Group. We had 02 sessions – Business Continuity and Office 365 API.

Dinusha delivered a session on Office 365 API.

I delivered a session on implementing a business continuity for SharePoint and I covered topics such as monitoring SharePoint using Health Analyzer, Diagnosing logging, Usage and health data collection, implementing high availability using distributing servers and services using SharePoint WFEs, Application services servers, network load balancing, database mirroring, backup SharePoint and SQL Server databases and scheduling using Windows Task Scheduler.


Industrial Training – University of Moratuwa

Posted by Joy

Industrial training for year 2015/ 2016 is just about to begin. University of Moratuwa organized a series of sessions (“Pitch Your Company”) for various registered companies to present their industrial training offerings to all the students.

We presented today our industrial training offerings and opportunities available at Totalamber and we were the only to showcase capabilities of SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics platforms and who offered opportunities to them in SharePoint and Dynamics as a career path.

Presenting at University of Moratuwa


Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum – March, 2015

Posted by Joy

Yesterday we had our March monthly user group gathering for Sri Lanka SharePoint User Group. We had 02 sessions lined up – Search and Branding.

Malin delivered a session around Branding and Design Manager capabilities. I delivered a session around SharePoint Search which covered configuring multiple content sources, result sources, query rules, etc…


Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference, 2014 – Singapore

Posted by Joy

I was very fortunate to take part in the 4th episode of Southeast Asia SharePoint Conference held on 25th and 26th November, 2014 in Singapore.

I was fortunate to deliver the one and only session on SharePoint Search and there was a very good no of attendees even if it was the very first session on the 2nd day. I demonstrated lot of new features of SharePoint 2013 Search including Result Sources, Query Rules, KQL, etc…

It was my pleasure being part of this great event and I am happy a lot since there were 02 other speakers from Sri Lanka.

Myself at SharePoint Conference, Singapore

My session

My demos


Sri Lanka .NET Forum – November, 2014

Posted by Joy

I was fortunate to deliver another good/ valuable session for our Sri Lankan .NET community today. I delivered a session on “Web Performance Basics”. It was really interesting to see that majority of the content were new to even most experienced web developers.

I demonstrated how they can tune the performance of their web applications using several techniques before going into code level optimizations.


Sri Lanka .NET Forum – May, 2014

Posted by Joy

We had our May 2014 .NET monthly forum meet-up today at Microsoft Sri Lanka. We had 02 great sessions today and I was fortunate to deliver one of them on “Architecting Application using .NET”.

We had so many technical, deep-dive sessions on various development tools, frameworks. But we never had any sessions around on how to derive on a proper application design for our .NET applications. We have so many technologies, frameworks, patterns today for designing application architecture. We end-up repeating, copying our past project experience rather than really assessing what is the right application design architecture.

In this session, I discussed:

  • What Software Application Architecting is?
  • Layers vs Tiers
  • Design best practices
  • Presentation layer options
  • Data Access layer options
  • Domain layer patterns

.NET Forum - May, 2014

.NET Forum - May, 2014

.NET Forum - May, 2014

.NET Forum - May, 2014

We were very much happy to see a room-full crowd once again in .NET Forum.


Sri Lanka SharePoint Forum – April, 2014

Posted by Joy

I delivered a session today in our SharePoint monthly forum. After going through all the past sessions, I decided to deliver a session on “What’s new and improved in SharePoint 2013”. I managed to run through almost all the new and improved features during my session. Areas I covered were:

  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Service Applications improvements
  • Information Architecture improvements
  • Enterprise Content Management improvements
  • Web Content Management improvements
  • Social improvements
  • Search improvements
  • Business Intelligence improvements
  • Composite Solutions improvements
  • Developer Platform improvements